Garden Walling

Walls are generally the only vertical elements of the garden structure apart from the pergolas, fences and plants that grow up around them and walling materials can be used to great effect in the overal plan. When considering your garden design, try to think about the visual impact that a wall can have, when covered in ivy or a tumble of climbing roses.

For sloping gardens a whole range of products are available, that can be used to create terracing or low retaining walls. If you need to build raised features, seats or ponds the structure needs to be built from a material that complements your patio or driveway.

Complete your garden with a decorative herb wheel or an impressive water fountain. Alternatively you may like to build a permanent brick barbecue so you can be ready to ‘eat out’ at a few moments notice.

Garden walling also allows you to make a change from having all your planting at ground level. A selection of raised planters will complement the rest of your hard landscaping and are easy to tend and maintain too.

There are also a number of garden walling features that can help to screen some of the more unsightly areas of day to day living. For example, Johnston Paving can create a practical stone built dustbin tidy.

The options and combinations are endless with the most important thing being that the end result gives you the overall garden design which fulfills your dreams and lifestyle.