Garden & Door Steps

The steps to your front door are a very important feature of your property as they are one of the first features that guests to your home will see.

A variety of steps options can be created, using different types of ‘paving’ products – from granite steps right through to traditional brick steps.

Different shapes of steps can be created, such as circular or circular nose steps and you can enhance the appearance further by edging the front of the step with a different colour block/edging to create and instant border effect.

All steps in new builds etc will be carried out to comply with current building regulations.

The creation of steps in the garden has traditionally involved paving for the tread and walling for the riser. To make building steps more straightforward many suppliers now provide a step unit to co-ordinate with the chosen paving.

The first step can be be simply laid as part of the paving. The area behind the riser is then infilled ready to take the next step. This process is repeated until the desired height is achieved. To ensure that steps are bonded, full and half step units are often available.

To make an attractive and imaginative feature of your steps, a circular paved area can be be laid at different levels to create steps, for example from a terrace into the garden.